Easter crafts are always a favourite with the kids and what better way to carry on the craft tradition than crafts with SOCKS! Mysocks have some great ideas, ready to be tried out! 

Easter Sock Bunnies - 

Easter sock bunnies are not only fun to make, but they make perfect gift ideas for your loved ones! All you have to do is go onto our Pinterest to find out how to make them, pick out your favourite Mysocks, and you are all set! You'll have great fun making them with your kids and whoever reiceves one will be over the moon! 

Easter Egg Cosies - 

There is nothing cuter than an easter egg cosy, something perfect to make for your kids, or to get your kids to help make. There are so many ideas out there that we love, number one being an egg cosy hat. A great idea to for the whole family!

Gift Basket -

Gift baskets make great gifts for friends and family! Place your favourite chocolates and treats inside the basket and add other special things inside to make it unique and personal! We recommend buying your favourite pair of socks and placing them inside a small plastic egg as a special treat from Mysocks


There are so many craft ideas out there which are fun and easy to do! Check out our Pinterest for more fun ideas and insturctions on how to make each craft we have listed!


Disclaimer: All photos have been taken off pinterest for ideas.

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